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Time Clock for Blog Post Never Say Never – My Journey to MōdereMy six year online journey has had many turns, but this next one has kinda snuck up on me. When I started to teach myself about the Internet, like thousands of others it was a confusing myriad of choices and I really had no clear idea what I wanted to do. One thing that I was clear in my mind about was that I was not interested in Network Marketing. There were so many horror stories of failed companies and people loosing everything…and most of the industry just had a bad reputation.

I had worked with a couple of Network Marketing Companies in the offline world, some with great success, but I was looking for a complete change. I explored Affiliate Marketing, Blogging with Adsense Revenue and even took a look at a few Network Marketing opportunities. I spent a whole lot of money on so many dead end programs, and I always seemed to be treading water. I never made any money.

Four years ago Social Media was just emerging with platforms like Facebook, followed by Twitter and well, the rest is history. I was immediately drawn to learning everything that I could about Social Media Marketing…I am a natural connector and I love to learn and to share. I took to these sites like a duck to water.

I was very fortunate to be offered a volunteer position with a non-profit foundation that was feeding people, mostly women and children in third world countries. I became their Social Media Director and had a very rewarding experience for two years.

After leaving the foundation I became partners with a dynamo in the Social Media World and our company worked on some pretty exciting Social Media Campaigns, most notably “Project Forgive” a documentary that is being produced by 6 Time Emmy Winner, Shawne Duperon. I loved every minute working with Kimberly Reynolds but both of our circumstances changed and we are now just friends.

“Get to the point Jackie”, I can just hear your thoughts…so here we are. I have become a “Social Seller”  for a Network Marketing Company …Never Say Never.  So how did I come full circle? It actually started over a year ago when I was searching, without much success for chemical free, fragrance free personal care products. I have an extreme sensitivity to any products with fragrance and can become quite ill when exposed to them.

As it happens, one of the people that I worked with at the non-profit foundation was a Distributor for a company called Neways. The company’s entire product line was based on quality products that are non-toxic fragrance free, chemical free and for me, so very important, cruelty free. Of course the only way to access the products was to become a Distributor, which I did, but only to gain access to the products for my own use.

Fast Forward to Today! There are two things that you can never, ever get back – Time and Opportunity! On July 1, it was announced that Neways USA will re-launch under the new name Mōdere.

I am really excited about this new concept and know we are going to shake up the Network Marketing and retail industries, creating a disruptive business model. One of the biggest barriers in the industry has always been that you have to become a distributor to buy products. “Forced Customers” are a thing of the past. The trend today is that customers are concerned about their experience. Mōdere has created a model that separates distributors from  customers buying experience. “Genius” 

Mōdere. is re-branding to create a better way to experience everyday essentials. 95% of the US Market are customers not distributors and stats show that 86% will pay more for a better experience. For over 20 years Neways has been producing non-toxic, eco friendly and safe products and the company is now creating a new story, combining Social Selling with the latest in technology with beautiful packaging, responsive websites and simple apps for mobile phone users.

My Modere Products Never Say Never – My Journey to Mōdere

I like what I am seeing from this renewed group of individuals behind the scenes, the exciting  new vision and that Mōdere aligns to my own personal values.

In this pre-launch phase, Network Marketers have an opportunity to take a look behind the curtain. It is by invite only, so if I have peeked your interest, please feel free to get in touch with me by via the Contact Form or on Facebook with a DM.  The pre-launch for distributors ends August 31st. Early Adapters will have incredible financial benefits.  Hope to see you on the inside.

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.”

—W. Clement Stone—

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 Never Say Never – My Journey to MōdereJackie Bigford – who has written posts on Jackie
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